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What would mankind's next life changing innovation be?

throughout history mankind has progressed from:
simple tools
irrigation & farming
the US constitution
civil rights
the internet
biological manipulation
super computers
techno hacks

what would be the next huge innovation that would change history forever?

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    Nov 28 2011: Defining and understanding energy. When saying that, I don't mean electricity, but energy that is contained in everything, and never disappear, only changes forms in a way we don't understand.
  • Nov 27 2011: Peace.
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      Nov 27 2011: what lack of innovation do you think allows a constant state of violence for our species?
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    Nov 27 2011: I think the next big innovation will be mind reading tech, it will create the most efficient way possible to communicate. This technology is already been worked on and has vast implications, imagine creating books, or works of art just by thinking about them.
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      Nov 27 2011: definately. do you think the next big innovation SHOULD be, something that makes life for us more convenient, like mind reading tech? or do you think it something like improved irrigation systems, toilets for developing nations, government reform(redraft the constitution), would make the biggest impact in history? its a harder question becuase the chances are, if america doesnt find a way to drastically increase our GDP, we just may go into a deep decade long depression. the world is waiting for us to fall. we're currently in a position we dont deserve, our currency is the international medium. since we are no longer the most stable nation, do you think an innovation like mind reading tech would be sufficient enough to restore our credibility with super powers which want to overtake the US?
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        Nov 28 2011: Good question, If everything we are hearing is true it dose feel like America seems like its playing a dangorous game of economic chicken. But i do still think that America still has the most potential to capitalize on the next big inovatiion. just look at sillicon vally, or the number of American Universities on the top hundred list.

        Do you think that what is best for America is best for the world? There is already many technologies in development that could solve nasty global problems, like world hunger, water, sanitation and bad music, but is still a risky investment and without growth in the developed world, there wont be many looking abroad for something to chuck thier pennies at.

        What some people see as dissadvantages could be the opposite for the US, because of our large dept to china, shouldnt it be in their intrest to see us pay them back? Whatever the new Innovation is, it needs to have as much impact as steam did. Would we be speaking English now if it had not been for steam?

        to answer your last question, i think its more a matter of finding implications, and the industries/ jobs that will come with them. If we take advantage of our science/technology infastructure already in place we end up once again on top.