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As humanity evolves is the ego doomed to extinction?

At some point in the future will "I" cease to exist and the only conversation will start with "we"? Ego brings us great benefits i.e. we know that really great innovators like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs clearly had very large egos, but in the future, will this be the case?

Will the evolution of our minds lead to a more socially, cooperative species or one where survival of the fittest reigns supreme? The former is the embodiment of the suppression of the ego whereas the latter is the embodiment of the ego.

One milestone in the death of the ego is that plagiarism ceases to exist; in other words, the desire to credit the individual will give way to the cooperative benefit "free" exchange of ideas provides. Isn't that what is happening on the internet and in China? Look at how many people regard downloading copyrighted music illegally on line as appropriate. In the future will we see copyright infringement and patent infringement as not "benefitting" society?

Will individuals with a healthy ego be cast as social misfits and be shunned by a more social society?


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