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social worker, Dr Susan Smith McKinney Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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How has TED Impacted You and your life specifically?

I have changed my life in many ways as a result of hearing many of the TED Talks. I became more involved with the Global Truce Movement after hearing Jeremy Gilley and other TED Talkers speak on the subject. I have become more aware of the human impact on the environment and how I can make changes for the better. How has your thinking, behaviors, actions and plans changed if at all as a result of the whole TED Community including the Talks, Fellowship Program, TEDx opportunities, TED Conversations etc


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  • bin xu

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    Dec 2 2011: It changes the way i kown the world,I accept China's education for almost twenty years.I figure out that I almost not have my own ideas.so I register a TED account .I get lots of different ideas from the people from all around the world.and I find it interesting to communate with different person with different point of view.I am trying to have a mind of my own.

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