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will print newspapers survive in the current business environment ???

Whether or not print dies, its business model will. Physical wares—newspapers, books, magazines, discs—will no longer be the primary or most profitable means of delivering and interacting with media: news, fact, entertainment, or education.

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    Nov 28 2011: Personally, I wouldn't like them to disappear. But it seems they will. If they do survive, they will probably change their purpose, in a way records have: they are not main technology of reproducing recorded sound anymore, but still they find their admiration, they are used by DJ and they found their place in personal collections. Also, they are produced in limited number, after ordering. If printed media is to survive, it will because of nostalgia, not because of necessity. I imagine them as luxury product of future.
  • Nov 27 2011: Logically the answer is no but that assumes everyone has access to information via the Internet or some other means. So for a percentage of people they will not. There is also other aspect you may not realize. Local news. They exist in small towns across rural America as one example and while they could be replaced it will not be in the immediate future. Whether that exists in your country would be up to you to check.
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    Nov 27 2011: Any idea ofor this subject ???