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What is the best way to get our kids thinking green?

Recently I have noticed a shift in the way culture evolves, we are all thinking green. But I was wondering what is the best positive way to get our kids involved and are they already. What is the best way to educate our children on environmentally friendly products?

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    Nov 27 2011: Be green. As parents and adults, it's your responsibility to behave as you'd hope your children would. We kids act like our parents and the people around us. Be green, and we will make our future green.

    Give us the opportunity to be green. Make a garden and buy local foods, then teach us about how much energy is wasted in transporting foods. Invite us to help you install a solar panel or a wind turbine.
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    Nov 28 2011: Model it. Do it. They will observe you and copy. This is, fundamentally, how humans learn.
  • Nov 27 2011: Firstly we need to build the basis of green generation; i.e., raising kids green. This will teach them so many things using an informal way.
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    Nov 27 2011: It's a very good question in a time when kids born in cities with technology around has very minimum scope to have bondage with nature......

    Heard these days many kids think chickens come from some fast food grows in groceries .....etc

    Taking kids to nature from the hustle bustle Techy world of cities, let them observe , encourage them to ask question about nature can help.........

    I remember , how excited my sons were when last I took them to a potato field which was ready to be harvested in my village. Ask them whether they would love to dig hole near dying potato plants.... they happily agreed...... and after digging they were excited like anything with what they "INVENTED" .....potato in hand they asked for a bag......... they were even reluctant to cook their INVENTION.......ha ha so we kept those for long in home.................

    Unfortunately kids from urban areas of poor country like mine is also unaware of nature as here parents fashion is to make them to too TECHY as a status symbol how developed and advanced they are.........
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    Nov 27 2011: Its more about how our brains develop than about the potential of the child. during the critical stages of brain development if you engage them in "thinking" games, games where they must solve problems and and propose solutions. the brain is actually rewiring iself to solve similar complex problems. they reason we are born with our brains partially developed is so our brains can be molded by our environments. this is a large part of the reason children of entreprenuers and millionaires tend to have pattens of success through the family. the principle of gene X environment interaction explains our misguidedness of our conceptions of intelligence throughout the years. its been provent that you can significanly raise the IQ of a human by exercising the brain to adopt new learning patterns. experiments have been done with mice in which they removed the intelligence gene for the variable and put the mouse in a stimulating environment and the mouse not only redeveloped its lost brain cells but even resulted in having a higher IQ than the control mice. old people with memory loss that were put into stimulating environments began to regain some of their memory. our brains are highly plastic. my point is that teaching kids to read at a young age is simply bragging rights for the parents, but if you teach the brain learning patterns your essentially creating a genious. albert einstein was a perfect example, his dad played mind games with him and tried to trick him alot as a kid. some studies claim that laughing has alot to do with learning becuase of the fact that kids laugh 400X per day when the brain is developing, people with fully developed brains only laugh 15 times per day. my theory is that the same burst of gamma rays that people have when they get a good idea, that gives us that high and makes our faces light up is the same thing babies experience as their brains are making connections and rewiring themselves. so the earlier the better. prepare to be amazed.
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      Nov 27 2011: People with fully developed brains only laugh 15 times per day? Woah... How do you people with fully functional brains survive?
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    Nov 27 2011: "what is the best positive way to get our kids involved, and are the ready?" --- i think you'll be blown away by what your about to find out. my comment for the question "Are their any EFL studies on Japanese children who started reading within a year?" will help you alot ill post it above.
  • Nov 27 2011: I love the Ideas and hope to keep hearing great things, I am more than happy to hear the simplicity to keeping our kids interconnected to the results and hope to create great stimulating environments. I believe that a garden is a great way to keep children stimulated and integrated in the environmental process.

    -I would love to hear creative platforms that would keep children thinking green.