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What prompted you to become an atheist?

How did it happen, all at once, or in steps? Was it a departure from how you were raised? Is this position firm, and if so why? Do you think atheism deserves more credit and respect regarding legal matters and other aspects of government? Agnostics are also invited to comment.


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  • Dec 5 2011: ... each other in a manner befitting their seared-in beliefs, but without becoming a danger to the remainder of Humanity because of their collective death wishes. As I said, excepting the absolute loonies, I don't care what people believe.
    Until, that is, those people (or sub-groups thereof) start trying to shove their beliefs down my Atheist throat.
    Whether the "shoving" is done by trying to convert me up close and personal, or it is done by trying to get laws passed which would remove, or in any way restrict, diminish or limit the rights guaranteed to all of us by the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. Then I have major problems with those people and their fervent need to force anyone and everyone "into the fold". There are many schools in America that teach Creationism alongside evolution, or that have to stipulate that while they are required to teach Darwinian Evolution it should be viewed as simply another theory which may be wrong.
    That a single school in the U.S. was just considering teaching creationism would be worrisome. But that so many actually DO so is,to me at least, quite astonishing, shameful, embarrassing, foolhardy, and extremely worrisome for the future of our Country. This reality can be laid at the feet of the Republican Party and other right wing extremist groups
    (yes, I do love that phrase, but only because its true), which are very successfully continuing their political strategy of divide and conquer, at the feet of the moderate Religious population which should be screaming to Heaven about this absurd anti-science movement, and at the feet of the millions that DO believe Darwin's Theory of Evolution, but that do not vote, for their sloth and indifference which is turning this Country into one of increasing ignorance and intolerance.
    Sadly, I often wonder what happened to the courage of my fellow Americans. Were we not once a People that brooked no stupidity, that strove to eliminate ignorance? Perhaps these were just fictions like god

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