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What is your secret?

I am participating in the 2012 "The Sketchbook Project Limited Edition Vol. 1", a "collaborative series of art books created by 5,000 artists from around the world". And my theme is:

The secret and how to tell it.

And I would like to share this project with all of you, by inviting you to share your secrets. No, wait, not the secrets you really have, because above all, drawing for me is to let my imagination run wild. So I would like you to write down a secret you would like to have -- and how you would tell it. Who you would share it with. What you would do to share it. Why you would share it.

The more you write about that imaginary secret, the easier it will be fore me to draw it. And if we collect enough answers, all the 32 pages of the sketchbook will be filled with your secrets and I will attach a handwritten list with all of them to it.

An example? I would like to be able to open any door to any place I wanted. To tell my secret, I would buy an Advent calendar with 24 doors and open one after another as little windows to the world.

And at the same time, I would like to raise the question: have you ever told or not told someone an important secret and in what ways did it change you? Is it harder to tell such a secret, or to keep it for oneself? Was it a secret that concerned you, or someone else?

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    Dec 26 2011: I have a terrible secret, but I don't really want anyone to figure it out. Just like daredevils who like to see how close they can come to death without catastrophe, I would plan a series of 20 quite ordinary facts - hints about my secret - and tell each hint to an acquaintance or friend. (Of course they wouldn't know that these facts are hints to a secret.) I would enjoy knowing that all the hints necessary to discover my terrible secret are in circulation, and that if as many as 15 of these were put together my secret could probably be guessed. If all 20 were brought forth, I would be doomed.
    Several of these friends see one another often, and no doubt talk about their other friends, including me. So it would be quite likely that a few of my deadly hints might be mentioned together, but they would be facts that all seemed innocent by themselves. I would depend on the low odds of too many of these hints being understood together.
    This could yield a lifetime of suspense and pleasure. Or catastrophe.
    Bonne chance avec votre projet.
  • Dec 19 2011: Everything has more uses then you think. Identifying the connections between anything is the key to success.