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Why is the idea of education so strongly tied to a structured and systematic way of learning? Do other teaching styles have equal value?

In light of psychology, learning has been discovered to be a much more complex thing than ever thought, yet schools are only beginning to experiment with different styles of education.

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  • Dec 24 2011: Personally, I found structured education to be the most abhorrent and belittling experience in my life. To punish mistakes as flaws in a persons comprehension of knowledge instead of acknowledging them as a part of the learning process only serves to make children really not give a rats! It's only purpose is to condition you for a life in a society where you have the privilege of obeying authority without question and subjecting yourself to the repetition of day to day life where routine is "god". I've endeavored to unlearn all the conditioning that it instilled in me and am enjoying a much higher quality of life for it. I've learned 100 times more through independent studies and reading after school than I ever did during. Everybody learns differently and schools teach one way for one purpose, obey.

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