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Why is the idea of education so strongly tied to a structured and systematic way of learning? Do other teaching styles have equal value?

In light of psychology, learning has been discovered to be a much more complex thing than ever thought, yet schools are only beginning to experiment with different styles of education.

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  • Dec 6 2011: Some people will disagree with me here, but thats what having an opinion is about no? In my experience, education, in general, focus' solely on producing one type of individual throughout society. Obviously, free thinking educated people would not soak most of the crap we, programmed sheep, seem to just put behind us and think, "ehh, doesn't effect me or my family, so it doesn't really matter right?" While slowly our freedoms are being taken away from us one by one. There is an obvious inherent skepticism over "alternative" education. Most people who do get educated at say, a Montessori school will be not as conforming and less "brain washed" so to speak, as those of us who are caught in the "normal" education system. This is a whole lot of talking with no real evidence to back it up but experience and obviousness. There are powers that be that would not like us to actually want to change this very self destructive, psychopathic journey that our current decision makers are taking us on. If you're reading this thinking, "ahh, this guys a bit of a conspiracy nut, better stop reading this now", I dare you to think deeply within yourself, within your experiences and tell me, and everyone else that this isn't true, that our current education system is great and taking us on the right path.
    /end rant

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