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Why is the idea of education so strongly tied to a structured and systematic way of learning? Do other teaching styles have equal value?

In light of psychology, learning has been discovered to be a much more complex thing than ever thought, yet schools are only beginning to experiment with different styles of education.

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    Dec 2 2011: i believe it is tied so strongly because it is used as a controllling tacti. If u eliminate free thinking u create that which u can control. True education was lost in translation as far as collective history, and now that "history" of mankind is being summerized in a 300+ textbook its no wonder it is systematic. Im sure weve all heard "if u dont know your history u are bound to repeat it" well with a 300+ textbook written through mixed facts and opinions u start to see the structure that is being designed for our children. unlike other styles of teachings that have to do with free expression from when u r a child such as music, physical education, art, writting, and science; which is taught, but u get that freedom of thought. FOr example: freestyle creativity, parkcore, gymnastics, fighting, pottery, sculpure, painting, songwriting, poetry, novels, short stories, astronomy, electronics, designing mechanical driven components.

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