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Ask Students How to Reform the Education System

To many people it is evident that the education system is in need of reform, so why not ask students what would help them learn better, and what they would like in the future curriculum. I know adults might think we are unable to think for ourselves, or make such decisions at young ages, but I disagree.

I want a school:

-with reasonable hours: If teachers complain about the amount of tardies and absences, wouldn't it just make sense to start school a little later so we will be well rested?

-with teachers who understand the subject and can effectively communicate it: My parents don't care that my teacher is terrible at teaching the subject, and frankly telling them that everyone has failed for this reason is nothing more than an excuse.

- where people care enough to give you all the help they can: because it seems like no one cares whether you pass or fail sometimes, and if no one believes in you why should you yourself.

- that is a little more organized: so we can get through our entire textbook in the first semester with a well enough understanding to pass the state tests.

- with a suggestion box: so I can give feedback on anything that I think might help me pass.

If you are a student, how would you like to reform the education system?


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    Nov 29 2011: I wish I could study the subjects, and take the classes that I would like. I do not like being caged by the constructed "Major." I feel like I am entirely limited in what I can do in my four years of school over specializing when I see much more value in getting my fingers into everything to connect the dots and realize where/how everything interconnects. So an encouraged flexibility in curriculum.

    I also wish, on the high school level, we could have a class dedicated to what is happening in the world: today. I didn't read the paper in high school as I know many others are the same. I wish we could have an opportunity to discuss the current events and their implications. A class to show how we can act upon our global responsibility.

    Again on the high school level, I wish there was an open opportunity to explore something that interests you in an academic way. If you love video games, the experience of learning about and trying to create their own! Think of how valuable that would have been to you. To have the chance to look into something that really interests you, with the support of a teacher that, may know nothing about what you're doing, but can foster your excitement and steer you in the right direction so you can discover the information yourself. So learning how to navigate and use information outside of the school setting to your own ends.

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