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Medicine student, Trabajos Voluntarios Universidad del Desarrollo

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What is your "Time Machine"?

In these days everything go fast, there are so many things that we can not see because the rithm of our lifes is getting faster everyday. But i found my way to stop the time, see everything with slower eyes and enjoy everything. I found my time machine.
My Time Machine is my bicycle, because when i ride, everything seems to slow, i can see things that i can't see when i am in college or studying or in the public transport. My bike can make time run slower, and so i can enjoy every little thing that happend in front of my eyes.
Please, find your own "Time Machine"!!!!
Now i ask YOU!, What is your "Time Machine"?

P.D: sorry for my english! I'm from Chile =)


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    Nov 26 2011: Sitting in front of a nice mountain landscape, or in some Irish countryside, on a warm sunny day, after some sufficient hiking do to be quite isolated.

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