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What is your "Time Machine"?

In these days everything go fast, there are so many things that we can not see because the rithm of our lifes is getting faster everyday. But i found my way to stop the time, see everything with slower eyes and enjoy everything. I found my time machine.
My Time Machine is my bicycle, because when i ride, everything seems to slow, i can see things that i can't see when i am in college or studying or in the public transport. My bike can make time run slower, and so i can enjoy every little thing that happend in front of my eyes.
Please, find your own "Time Machine"!!!!
Now i ask YOU!, What is your "Time Machine"?

P.D: sorry for my english! I'm from Chile =)

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    Nov 26 2011: my MIND as it can travel in past and also in future.
  • Nov 28 2011: My time machine is the machine that runs time. That machine is nature. Nature is the most conspicuous time machine there is because it is self-evolving, self-sufficient, and it can have various forms but its chemistry and function is the same; to optimize everything from events to memory. The most interesting thing about nature is that it has the capability to self-destruct and then re-construct itself. For example, earthquakes and volcanoes are part of nature and they can destroy a lot of natural environments or settings in specific areas, but nature is bound to fulfill its unrelenting duty to construct a new natural environment or setting in replacement. Nature harbors many different elements, including space, time, and causality, including tangible elements such as water, earth and fire. These elements comprise the chemistry of life.
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    Nov 26 2011: Sitting in front of a nice mountain landscape, or in some Irish countryside, on a warm sunny day, after some sufficient hiking do to be quite isolated.
  • Nov 26 2011: swimming. Underwater is very muted and slow.
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    Nov 26 2011: An interesting conversation,the issue of time going so fast has also been occupying my mind.I know how you feel there,Its as if everyone and every moment is swifting past me,the seconds seem to slip away from my hands...But your idea of a 'time machine' is brilliant :),for me its spending some time with myself writing poems,by doing this i feel calm and at peace as if the time has slowed down.
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      Nov 26 2011: i can't express how happy i felt when i read your comment!. I mean, this situation of time going so fast, doesn't happend here in Chile, but also occurs in Turkey, and in every country i guess!. I think that is necessary for all people to seek their Timer Machine, because only in that way they will enjoy every second like it was a entire day.
      Thanks Beste Arslan for your comment, you can not imagine how happy it made me read something like that.

      abrazos! (hugs) :)
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        Nov 26 2011: I am very glad that my comment has made you happy and i definitely agree with your point if we spend our time trying to catch the second before,we are losing the one now and this goes for every person on earth :)
  • Nov 28 2011: Time is an interesting topic for me.

    It affects every aspect of our lives, from when we interact with people, eating, working, to going on vacation, relaxing, etc...

    My time machine is running. When I'm running, all the clutter of my thoughts, worries, and burdens seem to fade. I look around and see people living their lives, raising children, and gradually aging. It helps me to remember several aspects of my childhood, and obtain ideas about what life could be like for me as I, like the people around me, get older.

    Running clears my mind, and as it works, I see details around me that I have never seen before. It's as if for those few moments, time has stopped.
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      Nov 29 2011: "I see details around me that I have never seen before. It's as if for those few moments, time has stopped". I can´t stop repeating these words, i think that they describes perfectly what i tried to say on my title! Thanks for your coment Devon!.
  • Nov 28 2011: Francisco
    I think I have two time machines in my life. One is my photography. I can capture that moment of beauty and go back again and again to visit it. It is my way of stopping time and freezing space. You can see my work here

    The other is through movies. I love film. It always has a way to take me somewhere else and let me just see something else. It doesn't have to be a sophisticated film with deep meanings,, sometimes it is just something crazy like The Muppet Movie this weekend with my grown daughter.