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No Parent Left Behind. Partnership with parents in education by mandating compulsory attendance and volunteering at their child's school.

If we are truly to reform education, then we must address the whole child. And a child's whole world begins with the primary educator, the parent or guardian.
I believe volunteering, conference attendance, and civic involvement as related to the health and well being of the school to which their child is attending should be a parental requirement.
By evening out the expectations and allocating a specific (and do-able) time commitment from parents, schools can better plan for the help they need.
Surprisingly, many parents do not feel as though they are invited or able to contribute in a meaningful way.
The requirement is a means to assist the family unit in ongoing involvement with the child's education, with a direct connection to other parents, as a way to share unique talent and resources, as a model of shared vision and cooperative efforts with teachers & staff.
I can see initiatives to lower taxes for families by counting hours as charitable contributions which are tax-deductible (up to a point ), a more organized and informed community, an opportunity to prevent truancy and provide outreach and more.
Schools used to be a center or hub of connectivity in communities. Equitable education opportunity for every child can only be reached if we understand children are part of family whose influence extends itself into their school experience - it seems appropriate to address the family with an expectation that support for each child is a partnership, not a one way street.
Help me flesh this idea out, or tell me why it can't possibly work. I want to hear from both sides, those who think there is merit, and those who see too many problems - most importantly - tell me why it is or is not - beneficial to the child.
Assume there will be a minimum number of hours and a maximum, and that job descriptions for volunteer parents will be pre-defined. The number of children from one family will not bear too heavy a burden either. (though I have no formula yet for any of this)