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What's your inspirational quotes today?

Without we realized, an " inspiring quote" can gives us a great power to start our challenging day, it could be our "private motivator".

Wouldn't it be nice if every single person in here could contribute an "inspirational quote" in order to share his/her "private motivator" with everyone.

Let's start with me. My inspirational quotes for today is :

"Only he who can see the invisible can do the impossible." - Frank L. Gaines
It's absolutely true, only few who can see an invisible thing to make everything's possible in every way.

So, what's your "inspirational quotes" today? :) and please share with me the reason why you choose that quotes.

Thank you


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    Nov 26 2011: My favorite quote today is "What doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger"
    Sometimes, we fell down in our life such as making mistakes or being hurt by others. But, when we just passed it by, we'll be a stronger man because we've been in it. And we can prove it to, at least to ourself, that we're strong enough to walk on after it.

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      Nov 26 2011: I’ve heard this quote many times, it's quite popular and i absolutely agree with it. It’s one of Nietzsche’s most memorable quotes – it aptly reflects the human condition, and it motivates, very much. It motivates the unbeatable side of me, at least. And I suspect – that Nietzsche quite ironically, was foreseeing his own future, becoming stronger and stronger, until he met his doom and faced death head. He died an insane man, but a strong one.

      Nice :)
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        Nov 27 2011: Hi there Andra !

        It seems you are a bit of a Nietzsche fan... so even if you have read it before, I will still post it !

        "But tell me, my brethren, what can the Child do, which even the Lion could not do? Why hath the preying Lion still to become a Child?

        The Child is innocence, forgetfulness, a new beginning, a game, a wheel rolling out of its own center, a first movement, a sacred Yes !"

        All the best !

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