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Too many ideas lead us to lack of focus and too many successful examples leave us rather frustrated (and/or envious!)

"Ideas Worth Spreading"
But how many good ideas are 'enough' to make you say I'm overloaded or to leave you in 'the paradox of choice' (follow Barry Schwartz' talk!)? While your enthusiasm is getting divided into a lot of diverse ideas and you are inspired by too many things at the same time, you may not want to leave any of those undone, untasted or untested. As a result nothing is getting done and you lose focus. And finally not getting things done is leaving you frustrated.

Also you are constantly in the middle of listening to amazing things, learning about other people's great ideas kicking off, getting done, making empires etc. You are left asking yourself 'what's wrong with me?' while feeling a bit envious!
As Alain de Botton said in his talk "...Never before have expectations been so high about what human beings can achieve with their lifespan. We're told, from many sources, that anyone can achieve anything. We've done away with the caste system... We're all basically equal. There are no strictly defined kind of hierarchies.
There is one really big problem with this, and that problem is envy....".

So the point is, should or shouldn't we stop pursuing 'new ideas' at some point? Does the overflow of new ideas and news of great accomplishments disturb us in what we are doing? Or are the continuous flow of ideas and news good sources of inspiration and should the flow be continuous?


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    Dec 1 2011: I have a friend who hosted an event called the Idea Adoption Agency. It was an open invitation for people with ideas that they never followed-through on to share those ideas with people who might want to take them and run with them. I was unable to attend as this was in Montreal and I'm in New York, but I thought it was a great way for people to dust off old ideas and see them get some love. Of course, you have to be able to let go of your sense of "ownership" of those ideas, which can be hard to do. But if you have a great idea that you think deserves the chance to come to fruition and you just aren't able to get it there yourself, I think allowing someone to "adopt" it is a great solution.

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