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How do you make new reliable friends via the internet?

I want to have a lots of friends who are able to share ideas, and indeed for communication. Where to start?

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    Dec 8 2011: You're doing it right now!
    Ask lots of questions and allow people's responses.
    or try couchsurfing.
    I've never done it, but I know those who have!
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    Nov 27 2011: Invest time to know (it is needed in real world , in virtual world same needs more ......)
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    Nov 26 2011: Just like elyzabeth said,

    Without you realized, you already started a process to have a lots of friends who are able to share ideas, and indeed for communication.

    In here! yes, in this TED Conversations forum!

    With started a new topic conversation in here, you're invited people to share ideas, and indirectly, you already make new friends :)

    In other way, maybe you can make it through some of social networking, such as facebook, twitter, or maybe your regional social networking, there are many ways to make it happened. Yet, you still need to notice bout advantages and disadvantage aspects.

    hope this explanation is helpful. good luck :)
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    Nov 26 2011: Hi, Alisa!
    Hmm. Making new friends via social medias has some advantages such as meeting new people around the world and communicating with them. But, there's a rule, for me, in this cyber world. Never believing in new people you chat or communicate with. The condition will change when you meet them personally and you decide that they're good people.
    Please, meet new people when you're accompanied by your friends or trusted person. It will prevent you from being harmed or other bad things.
    And, when you want to share your ideas and communication indeed, TED is kinda good place to start. Let's make friends!