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What is Rhythm?

What is rhythm?
I feel that rhythm is a descriptive force. As a drummer I give it a home through the playing of the drums and by developing technically. I develop my language skills in translating emotive thought into music. Here rhythm is the vestal carrying my ideas. Perhaps there are other ways to translate creative or emotive thought by using rhythm as a medium which haven't been developed yet.

As far as I know there have not been a great deal of modern conversations developing the idea of rhythm to a satisfactory level of understanding.

Philosophical Quotes – Source – A Philosophy of Rhythm, Lucille D. Lamkin. 1934

Aristoxenus, Disciple of Aristotle.
“Rhythm is an ordering (or a defined ordering) of times”

“Rhythm is the property of a sequence of events in time which produces on the mind of the observer the impression of proportion between the duration of several events or groups of events of which the sequence is composed”

According to William Thomson: “The most fundamental error made about rhythm is that it is 'an ordering of times'. The most fundamental truth about rhythm is that it is an ordering of blows.” (here blows means accents or stresses)

I would be interested to hear what your concept of rhythm is in your life, work, and creative thought and how it affects your perception of time (or not).

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    Dec 8 2011: Rhythm is a dancer... Sorry I couldn't help it.

    Rhythm is definitely an emotive word. Even just thinking about it I'm bouncing my head & tapping my feet in 'rhythm'. I wonder if everybody has their own rhythm characterstics, kind of like a finger print? Differing speed, timing, balance etc.

    One word that springs to mind here is visceral. It's a feeling that sometimes doesn't require lexical definition.
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      Dec 13 2011: Certainly. When people learn to translate there thoughts into music by learning an instrument they also develop a personal style. So there characteristics become amplified in there playing.

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