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How can we make the internet a more fun and better place for children to learn and share safely?

I've been thinking about this for quiet some time. Children are a very fragile audience once they go online. But there should be more then enough possibilities to let them have a great online and safe experience, by creating a platform which helps them to share knowledge and ideas with friends. Of course, such a platform should be a great and fun experience from the moment you enter it.

I saw this platform as a place where organisations such as governmental institutions, Disney, libraries, schools and so on, could help to build a social network for kids which combines humor with knowledge and helps children to explore, create and unite...

It's just an idea. What do you think about this idea and how do you think we could make the web a great source of knowledge, inspiration and social activities for children?

I'm very curious to the suggestions, ideas and so on.

Thanks in advance!

Gijs Molsbergen

A Dutch student

  • Steve C

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    Dec 7 2011: I think there was once a good web page by Billy Bob Thornton called "Don't Censor the Internet"
    I wouldn't want Disney or the military/industrial complex involved!

    Getting libraries, schools, & churches involved would be fine, as long as the government et al. stayed well-away.

    Actually I'd say to let them learn to make friends with their neighbors, & find activities in their neighborhood, first; at least for their first ten years.