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Self sufficiency or export-led growth?

Perhaps I have an overly simplistic view of macro economics, but I can't help but think that countries should start becoming more self sufficient, and living within their means, rather than having an export-led growth strategy.

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    Nov 24 2011: i think both are needed. i think countries should be exporters, but only when there is a surplus of critical goods at home. but sometimes it is just cheaper, and for good reason should be cheaper to ship bananas 3100miles from south america. but for things that are actually critical to national security, such as a strong currency, energy, water and produce we have a bigger problem! the problem is ownership. we have corporations in all of these areas that could single handedly cause a nationwide crisis. our Government needs to hold the reigns for CRITICAL: energy, water, and produce. they should all be considered protection level 4 resources, either be monitored by the government or in some way diversified. the government has changed patent laws in favor of corporations for SHORT TERM econominic growth. monsanto's indulgence in seed patents and use of genetic modification in open nature , and monoculture in general, poses some of the biggest risks to our nation's security. we need to limit the power of corporations, and suplement the loss in GDP by increasing the rate of inovation and the development of intelectual technology. once we stabilaze. we should begin to export.
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    Dec 24 2011: i think that both are important. self sufficiency is important but not necessarily possible for all and thats where exports come in!! i think both are linked.