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Recession Proof Jobs

The economic downturn has led many people to question their job security, and has led to questions, such as 'is there such a thing as a recession proof job?' and if so, 'what are they?'

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    Nov 25 2011: Undertaker.
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      Nov 25 2011: That's a great one.It definately escapes the uncertainty of the financial markets.
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    Nov 25 2011: US senator
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    Dec 1 2011: Tax collector
  • Nov 29 2011: At the height of the recession the Merchant Navy still had a lack of officers. My jobs safe.
  • Nov 29 2011: Food suppliers. Car repairers.
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    Nov 28 2011: Well an assassin is one.

    As long as one person hates another then there is always some work going round.
  • Nov 26 2011: ICT developers and doctors...first due to our search for alternatives and new online solutions and second due to our constant deterioration in levels of physical activity. And maybe journalists - media to report what is a new bad thing that has happened during recession.
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      Nov 26 2011: I'm not sure journalists won't be affected: my assumption is: if people are poorer, the impact of advertising is less, the #1 income of media decreases notably, they survive by providing less quality information, just reporting official statements without verification nor investigation, which requires less journalists.