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Why Donation why not Responsibility?

When we give certain amount to some social organization we say "i have Donated the amount to XYZ org"??? Is it not your responsibility to create changes? is it not your responsibility to think about the development of the nation?
If Yes then why Donation?

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    Mar 9 2011: To answer your question, no. Every person, group, and nation tends to focus mostly on its own needs. There will always be more problems than there are resources to solve them. What makes a big difference is when people work hard to overcome the limitations of resources to fix their problems by coming up with new creative solutions. But usually we can only focus on a few causes at a time. Maybe we have some extra resources we can make available to others outside of our favorite causes, which is why people donate. By donating money, one makes change possible.

    Generally money flows to people who think about how to create change and who take responsibility in making it happen. In this way the person, group, or nation will change in a way that is best for them. Even if I have ideas that could make life better for you, the ideas you come up with will always be better for you than mine because I don't know all of the problems you need to overcome. My solutions could make life worse.
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      Mar 18 2011: Hi Philip,

      i agree with your point to only some points.
      you said "By DONATING money, one makes change possible. "

      My Question is " Why people give money thinking as if they are Donating for some cause. why not they are giving it as their Responsibility?"

      What i believe is, If we do any task thinking it as if it is my own responsibility to complete then it can be completed faster, more easily and in a better and effective manner.
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    Mar 7 2011: Thank you, very good point shiv. In America we are programmed that way. We are shrunken down to make sure we do not implement too much. After all the queen loves the sounds of new screams and torment. I'm kind of kidding, but the truth is poverty creates the dynamic for the future and much of what is going on are simple education examples for the future. If we took the responsibility we actually all kind of share and and implement it, we may find a havoc break down in the future. Though I do not agree people in this world need to be extremely poor, and much of the "examples" become spiteful I had to do it now its your turn kind of thing. That ultimately halts progression. The issue is how much do we need from our nation and how much is from other nation to create the new level of share responsibility. Again this almost always comes down to people not agreeing with the birth-rate. You can even sense it in most donors voices. Though we must agree individuals must treated individually and loose association will be dealt with individually.
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      Mar 18 2011: i agree on your point too, my motive behind this question was " we should work/ motivate people to do all the task thinking it as their own responsibility, it can be any task.
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        Mar 27 2011: I see where you going and again this is a sensitive topic. The difference between empty knowledge such as hands off exterior corporation sales. Such as mortgage sales as a finance degree job, its creates little experience. Most quality companies place their CEO and operations directly amongst the company and there are several.

        An order must be established that allows for a mutual goal in order to do this. A significant concern I will mention here is the lack of the publics ability to correlate opportunity. They often see people as dispensable and believe things can always be temporary concerns. This issue simply is inexperience and unqualified people, not to be confused with capable people, but rather people who disregard responsibility to one another have created macro perspectives through law firms and government to continually dismiss good national companies in all nations. They often have made lower and non-regulated conversation of a lesser value more and more common including as we see in rap culture as well as many others; use it for inspiration don't necessarily adopt their words.