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What will you do in the next five years?

People have their dreams and obsessions. A dream will always be a dream if we don't set up ourself to achieve it in a stated time. For example, I dream that I will be a young fashion entrepreneur in five years. This will help me focused on my dream that must be achieved, at least, in five years.
Nah, have you thought about your future? Have you dreamed and been ready to set yourself on fire to get it?


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    Nov 24 2011: Full timer dad and husband. As well as, part timer - tax consultant and photographer, that's for sure :)
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      Nov 25 2011: Wow, such a challenging goal. being a dad isn't that easy, I see my dad must think and think and think everyday. every decision he made must be wise. Moreover, when there is a leak pipe, he should be ready to fix it himself rather than call for a plumber. Hahaha

      and the next challenge is to find the right person to be your partner, isn't it? ;)
    • Nov 26 2011: |Full timer| dad and husband ..

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