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What is the relationship between Dark Energy and the hidden dimensions of Super String Theory?

Wondering if there is relationship between Dark Energy and the hidden dimensions of Super String Theory!

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    Dec 1 2011: Dark energy is a placeholder for the unexplainable accelerated expansion of the Universe. Hidden dimensions in String Theory as far as I know, has no physical manifestations that is observable to the human scientist.
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    Nov 25 2011: i estimate the number of people that can answer this question worldwide to be between zero and a dozen
  • Dec 11 2011: Continued.
    Yes is my answer.
    But In the easies way it's like a hot knife to a block of ice coming together. sure you can mash the two together and break the block with the knife or sometimes the knife gets broken by the block. but if you slowly move the knife through the block of ice, the knife melts the ice and passes through seemingly smoothly. But behind the blade the cavity prepares it's self filling the gap like nothing happened.

    The same could be true when we look at super string theory. Maybe the plaines converge and diverge regularly, and most of the time without instance, but sometimes the levels intersect at a point and an event occurs. Like in the block of ice, sometimes the knife just stops. Maybe there is a chunk of ice blocking the way, maybe air or maybe at that moment a hidden dimension converged with ours and it caused a event that stopped the blade in its tracks.

    A theory I have herd before relates to the big bang. In the beginning there was only energy no matter and an intersection occurred causing Matter to be created. I have herd a few variant's of this and the other is in reverse that in the begging there was Nothing but matter and the convergence of another dimension caused the creation of Energy...

    However my thought is more along the way that one dimension had Just Matter. Ultra compact atom's of compressed to maybe the size of a pea, because there was nothing to give them structure or definition. and another dimension had just energy. So at a point a long time ago maybe our point or another point, crossed the dimensional plane and a duel dimensional event occurred giving energy to the matter and matter to the energy. some stayed with us and some was given to the other dimension. But the unstable pea in our universe was inherently unstable as the Energy inside the atom's forced a structure as they bonded with Proton's and neutrons creating the big bang. Is it energy... as log as it's in the box, it's both.
  • Dec 11 2011: I have herd this before and after several hours of talking about this with some geeky friends who have interests in Quantum realities, Quantum Physics, and many other interest that I can hardly name let alone explain.

    My own understanding, uses the notion that the Speed of light is not constant and is slowing down. I came to this belief after researching a commonly regarded as dumb theory that was published, that filled in a puzzle about Neutrino's. However with recent news this year, it does sound more plausible that the speed of light is decreasing.

    I do believe through my own research into Media and film (not quite particle physics) how the speed of light is not constant and as it passes through objects and is bent in a process similar to how fibre optics work, only on a planetary scale (through the atmosphere or other). So for example, If I was to transmit light through sodium (pure sodium), the speed of light slows to a speed (a published speed) of 17 miles per hour. However because I have not tried this myself I have to assume the reference source was accurate. But for me personally. I have used it to do things optically by using different pigments and materials, to enhance 3d or show spectrums of light that are often hard to remove or include. Next time you use a optic cable on your dvd player, just think about jitter. Someone decided what point of transition between on and off was really on and the tiny amount of variance can make or break a sound recording.

    So getting back to dark energy. I theorise that if the speed of light is slowing down, yet it is accepted as a constant in a perfect vacuum at a speed of ? (watching too much Young Einstein, Yay Yahoo Serious! ) but we measure it at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Then it is possible to believe that either Einstein was incredibly wrong in his theorise or there is something else there. I continue. sorry.
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    Dec 10 2011: None. I haven't heard of any proposed correlation between the two phenomena.

    I've placed all bets on dark energy not being an energy at all. According to Big-Rip theory, space time is a substance... not unlike water, that wants to reach energy / pressure equilibrium with it's environment. If you were to take a cup of water & pour it out, it will try to disperse itself. I believe space-time is doing the same thing. Completely independently of what is contained within it...

    If Big-Rip is accurate, I don't think it would be a uniform tearing of space-time, but completely random tears occurring in random places throughout the universe. Just like a film of water.
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    Nov 29 2011: The relationship to date is purely mathematical. As you mentioned, these dimensions of string theory are hidden so I encourage you to dedicate your life in search of the evidence that supports the math.
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    Nov 25 2011: Dark matter is to Super String Theory as Unicorns are to Bigfoot.
    None have ever been observed in a verified sighting.
    None can be experimented upon.
    None can be subjected to the scientific method.
    All have proponents.
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      Dec 15 2011: "Dark matter is to Super String Theory as Unicorns are to Bigfoot"

      You might as well use the Tarot Cards, (viewing them as a self teaching picture and symbol language), as a card catalog to look up Theories of Everything in the Akashic Record;

      see URLs
      on how to do this.