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How can I help? I have so much energy and I would love to make a positive impact! If I can help in some way let me know!

I have a background in research science and patent law and I am looking for opportunities to make a positive impact in this world.

  • Nov 24 2011: Impressive background. Your energy and background would likely make you a neat role model for many young ladies trying to get to where you are in life. Perhaps volunteering in an area that somehow took advantage of your skill set. For example, being a guest speaker at a high school pull-out program for future lawyers, a group focused on motivating young women in the area of science, or perhaps female inventors. Volunteering at any level is an easy way to give back and you can both set your schedule and select where you think your time is best spent.

    Professionally, you might look at groups that are trying to influence and change thing that you happen to agree with and see if you can make a contribution as a speaker or leader. Positive energy is also a thing in short supply these days. Perhaps you can reflect on how you find your motivations for this positive energy and share it with a TED talk or similar mass communication effort. There are also a lot of people with ideas frustrated by the patent process and leery of the 3rd party companies promising to help them get their ideas patented. Perhaps acting as an advocate for those trying to learn the patent process and capitalize on their ideas is something you might consider.
    • Nov 24 2011: Great suggestions! Thanks Robert!
  • Nov 24 2011: Elle.... is the email address. Conversely you can leave me yours. If it still does not work I can give you another. Let me know and thank you again.
    • Nov 24 2011: ok, that is easier, my email is
  • Nov 24 2011: I worked in research science, how the brain controls blood pressure. It was fun, but with only a masters I haven't found a job in New York that will support me. Now I would rather donate my time and have a positive effect. I gave up on making money, so I can't wast any more time chasing dollars.
    • Nov 27 2011: Two things are important,one is do things you really love it ,the other one is do something for a living.
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    Nov 24 2011: Have you tried jogging every morning?
    • Nov 24 2011: I work out at New York Sports club, still recovering from an injury I got training for a marathon, but I was hoping for something a little more enlightening and result oriented!
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        Nov 24 2011: You know, you're a great character for a fairy tale.

        A storm, lightning hits a house, slipts it in half. A baby shriek is heard in the garden. A childless couple is thus blessed by the infant from the Heavens.
        But the baby is not normal. It has too much energy and this world has too little occupation for it, so it must create its own.
        Years later, the baby has become a beautiful young woman, living in New York - the busiest city she could find. After years and years in college paid for by strenous night jobs, after years and years of reading on treadmills and taking icecold showers, the lady feels the time has come.
        Time has come to focus her energy such as a magnifying glass does of sunlight on something that matters. Something not for her.
        She eventually figures it out, and finds true love in the process.
        • Nov 24 2011: I like how this one ends. But if I only had a little more direction. Its difficult to waste good energy on useless things. At least 5 percent of my effort should create some real and positive result.

          What is your fairy tale?
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        Nov 24 2011: What are your interests? What fields of science did you work on?

        (i'm working on my story...)
  • Nov 24 2011: Elle.....if you have an interest in addressing the root causes of our current political situation please contact me at I will provide an overview. So you have a perspective (mine), we have dysfunctional political system coupled with a bureaucracy that makes change (in the interests of and for the people) virtually impossible. There is a solution. Look forward to getting your email.
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    Nov 24 2011: Do or do not, there is no try.
    • Nov 24 2011: But doing without direction? Sounds like spinning wheels.