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Helping TED appeal to the younger audience

I believe TED is missing a very big audience from the younger people. Bringing the ideas of a younger audience to the website can be a challenge due to competition of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. The ideas of the young people are often overlooked, leaving vital viewpoints of future innovation behind.

The TED website should add features that can attract people to come together and share ideas. A new feature to the website should be an opportunity for young people to win scholarships. This would draw many high school and college students. Also, the site should add the option for TED visitors to add users as friends, giving people a chance to have a deeper connection with the thinkers of these brilliant ideas.

Changes to the website should also bring the option of sticking to the old way the site is currently setup incase changes upsets current users.

I strongly disagree that the site will end up being another place on the web to waste time....creation through ideas of people over the world is what makes TED more of what the world needs. I would be more than happy to help TED with a movement to appeal to a younger audience.

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    Nov 24 2011: How about tools to inspire creativity?

    Or games that open minds?

    The Social Networking aspects of need some work.
  • Nov 24 2011: I am 16 and I think that it is indeed very important to inspire the youth, to actually share our ideas with the world. But somehow it has become a trend to perceive gaining money as the most important thing in life. I think that it would be very important to make young people believe that they can make a change and that there are people listening to them.

    In my opinion it would a good idea to go to schools and talk to young people, give them back their self-confidence, make them feel respected and to make them realize that it is them who are building the future.
    My school, for instance, is associated to the UNESCO. We often talk about issues of global importance and our own opinions and ideas are demanded. But this is not the case in all schools, but it should be.