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new products for global economic recovery

It's possible to have a set of new products that in combination and collectively coordinated for production and distribution as well as sales globally to be the start of an add-on system that makes economic recovery for all involved.

Knowing that the war systems of the earth have lead to the disapproving way we are now suffering from the results of it use, we can see the flip side of Peaceful systems over powering negative sets of economic models and making our world wide commerce connections viable and earn our ways out of this mess.
25 managed product lines using world money movements properly as the money exchange rates are able, can produce a start to the reconnecting and overall good economic status of the worlds people places and things.
We all share a common set of real attributes that have determined our thoughts and decisions. We need to join in doing what is best for all involved now.
We have a set of products that all people will enjoy in one way or another. Either by use or by the use of the after sales and use of others, as we do things globally with the profits in many ways. making other products or cleaning up areas, or giving much needed help to poor areas.

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    Nov 25 2011: Solar concentrators, electric motorcycles, and new battery technology will save the world, and its economy. Just need to convince people that they want those things more than a Gucci bag.
    • Nov 25 2011: That would be good. As a matter of fact making those and the things that every family could use every day that would make the worlds heating up problems cool down would be good too...and everyone could fell good as they help.
      Solar power is the most powerful and most untapped way we are talking about, other than my innovations that are not being done at all.