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Fellow TEDie please share some information about playing games on smartphones

I want to be able to better understand how to design games for smartphones and that is where you can help me!

Please participate in this survey:

Purpose of the survey
The survey is to help understand a bit about the demographic of the people playing games on smartphones, and more importantly to understand what games they are playing as well as in what context they are playing.

You are...
If you play games on your smartphone I would appreciate if you would take some time filling out this survey. It takes approximately 5 minutes.

If you have any feedback (comments, suggestions, ideas) you will be able to provide them at the end of the survey.

Who I'm I?
I'm a master student writing my master's thesis at the IT University of Copenhagen. I'm looking into the context in which people play games on their smartphones as to understand how to better design games for such devices.

Thank you!
Tobias Elleboe Cordsen