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Are Occupy Wall Street protesters smart ?

It seems there is tremendous backlash for the police departments and you can measure more, each day.

In some regard, all the OWS are not very smart. The police only follow orders. Would you charge a usa marine with murder for killing an ''enemy combatant''? Of course not!! You have to hold the government accountable for those unlawful orders. Well, the police are just like the military in many ways. If you want to control the police does it not make more sense to not ''go after'' the police and instead you go after the people who control the police. It's so simple....what is the hang-up?!?


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  • Nov 23 2011: Yes, the OWS protesters are both smart and courageous. They are living heros. They deserve our highest respect. Let us acknowledge together with the OWS protesters that the "emperors" have no clothes and change the defective parts of our system (e.g., tax loopholes, legal system, educational system, financial system) before an unpleasant American revolution is necessitated by the gross duplicity and injustices prevailing in our society.
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      Nov 30 2011: The idea of protesting the system, is something i too believe in, but, these folk are so unorganized. I mean, if someone would step-in and take the reigns and if they were dedicated to doing things for the good cause of other people, they could make president, easily, as 99% of the voters could be enlightened. You know what i mean?

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