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Are Occupy Wall Street protesters smart ?

It seems there is tremendous backlash for the police departments and you can measure more, each day.

In some regard, all the OWS are not very smart. The police only follow orders. Would you charge a usa marine with murder for killing an ''enemy combatant''? Of course not!! You have to hold the government accountable for those unlawful orders. Well, the police are just like the military in many ways. If you want to control the police does it not make more sense to not ''go after'' the police and instead you go after the people who control the police. It's so simple....what is the hang-up?!?


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  • Nov 26 2011: In the UK, the occupy movement have highlighted a new and unknown problem, which has important repercussions for everyone. Maybe it is the same in the USA...

    In the UK, we are now discovering that what we assumed was public is actually private. The streets we use, and the squares that we we told were ours to enjoy, it now turns out, are there for us as long as we play by the rules. They are owned by private corporations, the same ones who steal our public money and hoard it for themselves. They now own the spaces we occupy, so to claim them back for ourselves is a strong statement to make. I support this movement 100%.
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      Nov 30 2011: In usa, people don't really own space. We can get property deeds for "buying land", however, this land is illegally taxed, and, if you don't pay the tax... ....u don't get to use the land anymore. It's the illusion of ownership. Furthermore, as it pertains to public spaces used by OWS, those places are closed down and OWS is denied use when they decide to send the police in to break-up the protest.

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