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Are Occupy Wall Street protesters smart ?

It seems there is tremendous backlash for the police departments and you can measure more, each day.

In some regard, all the OWS are not very smart. The police only follow orders. Would you charge a usa marine with murder for killing an ''enemy combatant''? Of course not!! You have to hold the government accountable for those unlawful orders. Well, the police are just like the military in many ways. If you want to control the police does it not make more sense to not ''go after'' the police and instead you go after the people who control the police. It's so simple....what is the hang-up?!?


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  • Nov 23 2011: Hi EmmI am with occupy Pittsburgh and we are by no means stupid. We have doctors, lawyers, healthcare workers, contractors, artists and others in our movement. We are camped out on Mellon Banks lawn by way of the law, it's a public space and they are okay with it. We get along with the police and they beep when they go by, we have a sign that states that police are over worked and under payed and they are. There are hundreds of us and many work from offsite, we are trying to change the way our government works because it doesn't represent us anymore nor does it represent you. The police are controlled by the government I agree, but that we are not very smart I disagree we are just a young movement and have a lot of support except the press. Perhaps you should go down and speak with some of the people and find out what they are doing and who they are. Thanks for the question and take care.
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      Nov 23 2011: What is your point? How will your protest help the government get off the backs of business? How will camp outs fix the 15 trillion dollars of deficit? What plan can you propose to control immigration? Do any of your folks have an idea how we get congress to be morally responsible and not make themselves rich at the expense of the people ala Pelosi and others who do insider trading? Has anyone come up with a plan to stop the union thugs from beating up people? Is there anyone who has helped stop crimes such as theft, property damage, assault and battery? I have seen the rich elite running the other OWS meetings with fake committees who runs yours? Will you pay back the city for the costs of extra police, garbage services, sanitation services? How many are on government handouts? These questions should be considered should they not? The early Americans allowed debt to be free from England and then the leaders devised plans to pay the debt off. I do not see that in any of the OWS movements. Is this creating any jobs for people? Idealism is fine but in the end it is those who go to work and pay taxes that have to foot the bill. How are you going to honor them and pay it back? Please I would like to know these answers and not the same pointless raving that I have seen so far.
      • Nov 23 2011: First of all there are no elite running our meetings, we run them. Our sanitation is donated to us and the police never have to come. Many of us including myself work fulltime and pay through the nose in taxes the same as you. Morality can't be legislated so congress will continue to bleed us as long as we remain silent. As for the other problems you mentioned we all have ideas but no representation. What are you doing to help? I'll bet you just swallow it all and go to work with out doing anything to change it, at least we are trying. It isn't class warfare until we fight back, it's oppression.
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        Nov 26 2011: All we need to do is get rid of the fed and 99 percent of the economic problems are solved in one swift shot. Next, we just put, in charge of our resources, people who are experts at resource allocation. With that new government, 99 percent of the governmental problems will be solved. When we have a sustainable world, the remaining 2 percent of problems (eg, religion and such) can be solved and we be at 100 percent problem free. Now i ask you all, doesn't it make more sense to be 100 percent problem free than to have all these existing crisis brought about by; economy, government, fuel, etc. etc ??
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      Nov 23 2011: Well, everywhere on the internet, you can find violent police who bring handcuffs and pain to protesters. Many factions have been shut-down, as a direct results of police making arrests. Sometimes, these things can even be found in mainstream media. Yet, i have yet, to see ONE SINGLE PROTESTER attempt to control those who control the police, ....and let's face it, by-in-large, each protest is 99% controlled by those who control the police. If it's about making a difference, spreading the word, it would seem that could most effectively be done by doing just that, and NOT being in jail.

      At least .05% people in usa understand that the this country will NEVER be out of debt so long as there is a centralized banking system. Yet, all these protesters are talking about ceo salaries and bailouts?!?! This is another example of where are the intelligent people?!?! Stop paying ceo's and we STILL have the problem! Take-back the money for bank bail-out's and we still have a financial crisis, wired right into out economy, by definition of a centralized bank. Tell me-- where are the smarts in that?!

      I mean, if you're going to protest, you might as well make it worth-while AND do good for the benifit of other people, and, idealy, globally, as well. These things just seem like common sense to me, but, i really don't think anyone can argue, that the occupy protesters just don't appear to demonstrate such common sense. Like, sheeeit...there's 99% of the votes there, but, they are not being used to make a single change?!!?? WTF...FTW?
      • Nov 23 2011: I can't speak for any other cities but here we have contact with the police, the city council and the mayor so they are aware that we know who calls the shots. We have had 5 arrests and none of them were violent, everyone was released. We have a bus going to DC in December and will meet up with others. What do you want us to do, charge the government with crimes? We have a handful of lawyers who handle all that within the laws written. The problems in Washington are not going to be solved overnight but we will be here for the duration until change takes place. We are talking about the federal reserve you are just not hearing about it. Stop watching the news and go visit a sight and talk to people, then tell me we lack common sense. I think you will find that the lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, contractors and others will disagree.

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