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How can a peace meme spread and get copied millions of times around the world to the point that it becomes more effective than the war meme?

Just some questions to think about:
Is humanity capable of demanding their leaders lead us to peace not war?

Is humanity capable or refusing to be lead into war?

Could humanity just collectively decide to become conscientious objectors to war and collectively say "No Thank You" when invited to participate in war?

Do we have the courage to JUST SAY NO to war?

What would happen if mothers around the world cried out and said: "Not With My Child" and teach their young not to fight.

Would it be effective if taxpayer's around the world just said "Not in My Name and Not With My Money?

Would a Peace Summit Think Tank consisting of all the world leaders of each country getting together for at least 1 week each year to discuss ways humans can do away with war be effective?

How can we humanity re-prioritize our interventions such that we all try to solve our problems in peaceful ways?

Humanity must continue to impress upon the world leaders and corporate leaders how important it is to take the steps needed to maintain a nonviolent, just peace and to make changes needed to help peace flourish.

Will we survive our collective Human Nature or should I say Human Greed?

Only a few benefit from war. Why do so many people participate?

We must rethink war and peace and measure the ecological footprint of the wars of the 20th and 21 century on the environment?

Please contribute to the formulation of a comprehensive and effective plan to take war off the table and an option of international relations?

Please check out my open letter to all world leaders calling for them to get "Going For A Global Truce": http://www.internationalpeaceandconflict.org/profiles/blogs/an-open-letter-to-all-world-leaders-let-there-be-peace-on-earth

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    Nov 24 2011: The world is shifting. Peace is coming.
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    Dec 9 2011: Can peace only co-exist with war?

    Do we need to experience war in order experience profound peace as a contrasting state?

    I hope not. My wish would be for perpetual peace to prevail and to be able to rid ourselves of our warlike nature - but is that realistic?

    It seems as long as we have the powerful drive to 'own' or 'possess' other people and material things, there will be territorialism, jealousy, resentment, greed - and ultimately, war. The only thing we should own or possess, is our selves.

    Everything else should be entrusted to our care as custodians - not owners.
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    Dec 9 2011: It is a great idea! I will explore this concept as well as anti bullying
  • Nov 27 2011: I will admit, I do like the prospect of world peace. However, there is still issues which can cause forms of war, or violence. It becomes a question as to if all the people would collectively say "No, I don't want to fight you". There are still certain groups of people who have a hatred for other kinds and such may be willing to fight if it serves their interest in removing such groups.

    If there was a way to slowly push all groups towards unity and peace, then I would say go for it. However, I'm not sure how this could be achieved. There's lots of issues which could cause the violence in the first place. How could these be solved? What consequences would come of solving some of these problems? Are these problems easily solvable?

    I do like the prospect of the World Leaders meeting up. Unfortunately I'm not big on international politics, and I'm unsure on how this would help. I do think there would be many levels of action though, There would need to be views of the country as a whole, and then sub-divisions for specific areas and how things change between them. There would need to be different focuses on different areas.

    All in all, I've enjoyed this, it's inspired me to think and I hope something good comes of this discussion.