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On average are the CEO's of the top 100 companies worth their salary?

In my experience many of the top CEO's seem to fall in to their positions by being well connected rather than being particularly talented. This does not apply to those that created their own company. They then manipulate their compensation to far outstrip what the market would set it at if it were working correctly.


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    Nov 27 2011: I do not think the argument should be whether they deserve their salary or not. Some do most don't The problem is it skews the economic landscape. Do they deserve their salary more than you deserve not to live as a surf. Will we be better off if we acknowledge that while some people do deserve more, others deserve a fair slice as well and we have to weigh theses needs.
    • Nov 27 2011: Yes, I believe inequity is a problem as well as corruption. But a healthy competition is good. What I hate is the obsequious deference to those born to money to such an extent that they are given positions they are not capable of. Then they get rewarded based on the strength of their connections rather than the strength of their work.

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