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On average are the CEO's of the top 100 companies worth their salary?

In my experience many of the top CEO's seem to fall in to their positions by being well connected rather than being particularly talented. This does not apply to those that created their own company. They then manipulate their compensation to far outstrip what the market would set it at if it were working correctly.


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  • Nov 23 2011: They are the 1% that is radically out of touch with the rest of us. The question to me is how much is enough? Is there an amount of income we could be satisfied with? I think anyone who gets grossly overpaid as the example you described has no appreciation of the value of money- not that is is important, but that it is actually unimportant. One year of a salary like that can radically change our world if it was put back into the world. Yet we live in a country that values corporations as individuals- which is absurd- and whose leaders cannot even put aside political party affiliations to fix our broken economy. We simply live in a broken system with megalomanical leaders who represent no one but themselves and simply want to keep their jobs without doing their jobs. Like the fallacy of extending tax cuts for the rich because it will stimulate the economy- a fact that has never been proven by anyone. As long as the rich get theirs, screw the rest of us. 2012 will be a very interesting year when it all crashes and burns . . . .at least it seems to be heading that direction doesn't it?
    • Nov 26 2011: I am not against people being rich. Money as a motivator works which greases the wheels of the economy. I am not against capitalism, I am against the corruption of capitalism which stops innovation and wealth creation. We should strive for a meritocracy that is compassionate. That would allow us to pursue happiness effectively.

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