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Epitome of an epic. An epiphany starting an epidemic of epiphenomena. My idea is to spread HOPE using a fictional story as a guide.

Please keep an open mind. The idea is to write a book that inspires people to do what the book says. The book is the fictional story of The Second Foundation bringing these ideas (H2OPE, The A.R.C., and S.O.R.O.S.) to reality. Think of the book as a screenplay or business plan for the world. It would use computer modeling to get as close as possible to what could happen. It would sprinkle planned events through the book, that will happen after the book is out. For example, in chapter 2, there could be this charity ball where Oprah buys a bottle of H2OPE for a million dollars, this would then take place in real life (right on cue). This kind of thing, would be spread all through the book. The roll of a lifetime, an appearance in the book that aims to change the world. The book should be as accurate as possible as to be the manual. Showing people what to do and what will happen when they do. The book will show that by purchasing the H2OPE all that will happen. H2OPE (message in a bottle) is the unifier. It has many attributes, it can be quantified, by being distinctive it allows people to see others following the plan, this is a critical component for generating faith. It is easy to market; 1) buy one and someone in the world gets one for free; 2) start a collection (messages are infinite) your collection shows your contribution and can be used during an emergency; 3) use to teach another language, show duck in multiple languages; 4) use code or rfid to link to web sites generating traffic i.e. get Linden Dollars in Second Life; many marketing strategies are available. The idea is to release H2OPE at the same time as the book. Reality starts to mirror the book and the ball is rolling. This is by no means the whole plan.

Please visit my photos to get a little better understanding of the H2OPE, The ARC, and the SOROS. I look forward to ALL feedback. I will elaborate on any idea.

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    Nov 24 2011: I think I should add something about the machine that dispenses the H2OPE water. It manufactures the water bottle and purifies water, this would reduce the entire process. The machine also recycles plastic returned for refund or credit. Thus acquiring materials and further reducing need for service. This would also allow for customizing the product.

    I should also tell you something about the three ideas H2OPE, The A.R.C., and the S.O.R.O.S.. The H2OPE is a water bottle with a straw inside which has a flotation device on the end. I came up with this to prevent my babies from hurting themselves as they drank from my water bottle.

    The A.R.C. (Architecture Reducing Consumption) kinda says it all.

    The S.O.R.O.S. (Spheres Of Reproducing Organisms Soaring) is a flying Spome.