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How much of structural (shape) changes have taken place to the objects since it was invented?

We look at the structure (shape) of the most modern ship and the first ship which was invented by the ancient Egyptians in 535 B.C is almost equal (Hull Shape).Why not a circular shape which can easily float.

There are more objects can be compared in the same way
i.e. Boat, Aircraft, Car, Cycle, Wheel, House, Cloth, Knife and so on.

Influence the innovative structure (shape) to the objects rather than customizing the structure (shape).

  • Nov 23 2011: For the example of the boat, speed is the passion driving shape in many instances. In boats, you have planing hulls, hydroplanes, catamarans, tunnel hulls, and even more extreme hull shapes. Perhaps a better comparison is the sailboat today vs. the sailboat of yesterday. Look at some of the America's Cup entrants for some innovative shape differences. Coincidentally, these have been made possible by material advancements in metals and composites, or manufacturing techniques.

    One thing that changed recently is the use of the exterior hull or skin as part of the load bearing structure. It use to be that there was always a skeleton covered by a membrane of thin skin of some kind.

    There are many examples of shapes that have changed things Fuller's geodesic domes, roof trusses, suspension bridges, and I-beam and rectangular tubing shapes, etc.

    My guess is that early designers patterned designs on nature and just guessed at proportions until a workable design was found through trial and error.

    Now, Science and Engineering have evolved to permit more efficient models of nature. man has also improved communication so that ideas can more easily be cross-pollinated between cultures and societies. Assuming nature was one of the original inspirations for the appropriate shape of objects, it still is hard to improve upon in most instances. However our models are getting better and our ability to build is getting better. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the apparent evolution rather than revolution in shape design.
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      Nov 23 2011: Thanks for your reply.

      This called as customization of objects. Customization is doing some modification over an existing object or modifies the already existing.

      The shape of the objects never changes since invention/discovered.

      For an example:
      There is an always possibility circular or any other shape can have best behaviours than hull shape. This can be applied to any objects.