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What have you done to make an impact in someone's life?What should you attempt to do?

Like these two inspiring,young women, we need to learn to stand up for something we believe in, and make changes to benefit those around us. We need to begin if we haven't already,


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    Nov 23 2011: I got into teaching...

    As a Hispanic male coming from a background rooted on poverty and raised on troubles, I feel that I offer my students a real-world perspective. As I like to say, my education has been from the School of Hard Knocks to the Ivy Covered Walls.

    I got into teaching to make a difference and in some way contribute positively to society.
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      Nov 25 2011: your response reminds me of a truly amazing and inspiring teacher i used to have. He did the same thing and as a result, gained the trust and respect of many students in my highschool. The best thing was, he never did anything for self glory, he truly just wanted to help. I got to hear many stories from various students about how he changed their lives by simply being there and listening. He taught us about life, and what is means to be a true hero.

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