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What have you done to make an impact in someone's life?What should you attempt to do?

Like these two inspiring,young women, we need to learn to stand up for something we believe in, and make changes to benefit those around us. We need to begin if we haven't already,


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    Nov 23 2011: I don't feel comfortable listing what I have done to try to serve, but I will say I chose long ago to make public service on several scales the focus of my life. This includes my career, the role I try to play in the communities of which I am a part, how I spend the time I have to give to causes, mentoring of my own children and others, and so forth.

    I agree with Robert that volunteering is one option, career choice another, how you choose to interact those you meet during the day, charitable undertakings whether in giving money or other necessary items or raising contributions or attention to causes that matter, how you raise your children, how you inspire your friends to behave...

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