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What have you done to make an impact in someone's life?What should you attempt to do?

Like these two inspiring,young women, we need to learn to stand up for something we believe in, and make changes to benefit those around us. We need to begin if we haven't already,


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  • Nov 23 2011: Hi and did you you know your pic, is sideways? Your topic, is pretty cool. :)
    May i ask a question? What have you done? Hi Estrella! :)
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      Nov 25 2011: yes i am in fact aware ^_^, i havent done as much as i wish to do. Someitmes impacting lives starts with your own families. i have a mom who is sick, so i spend much of my time caring for her and the rest of my family. I go to school and try to set an example for my siblings. i volunteer helping take care of children at church as well as volunteer teaching dance to young girls. i am also a mentor for an organization called Be a Leader Foundation(balf) which i used to be a part of as a student.However, i dont see those as the only ways of impacting lives. Sometimes the small things are what matter the most. Many times, listening, being there, or lending a helping hand is what will motivate others or change their lives forever.
      • Nov 26 2011: Hi Estrella! Thank You!
        You do not have to wish, to do more. You are already doing it!
        Hey folks, now here, is a human!! :) (yea!)

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