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Top favorite movie of yours?

I am making a watchlist for myself; I already have many interesting films added, but I would like to know your opinion :)
I prefer movies with a deeper meaning. The plot might be simple, as long as it has a serious and original message. I love fascinating and unexpected turns in the movies, intelligent background, witty dialogues and beautiful music accompaniments.


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  • Nov 22 2011: Off the top of my head...

    "Se7en" - Being the psychology nerd that I am, this one's got to be in my top 10. Great (yet gruesome) film. (If you haven't seen this yet... *GASP!*)

    "Fight Club" - Great acting and plot and there is a level of deepness to it, especially towards the end.

    "Exam" - Another psychological thriller... I can't help but recommend this one as well.

    "Pandorum" - Suspenseful, plot-twisting thriller. One of my top 3 favorites of all time.

    If there are any movies you can recommend to me, I would appreciate it too! :-)
    • Nov 24 2011: Thanks a lot Austin! :)
      Actually, Se7en I am planning to watch for a long time now, but something still comes into my way :D And Fight Club I have seen, and it was pretty thrilling ... the turn at the end was fascinating indeed, however when thinking about it I found some gaps I could hardly explain ... bit still, it is a top movie.

      A movie with a similar twist like the Fight Club is "A Beautiful Mind" with Russel Crowe. I did not like it that much prehaps, but it is definitely worth seeing. It was partially biographical, very intelligent and truly positively disturbing at the same time. ...And the music was gorgeous...

      "The Prestige" - An interesting movie with a wonderful plot, beautiful visuals and a great cast, and also a twist at the very end.

      "Ed Wood"- a biography of the so-called most unsuccessful director of all times, played by the ingenious Johnny Depp. If you like Tim Burton, classy style and bitter humor, go for it.

      Other, just briefly listed- V for Vendetta, Big Lebowski, Whatever Works, Nightmare Before Christmas, In Bruges ...

      Hope it helped :)

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