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What is the point of human kind? Seriously, what's our ultimate goal as a people?

Feel free to be as practical or existential as you like in your answers. Religious, philosophical, political, and even humorous answers are all welcome.

Without a goal to work for as a people, are we all just going to end up going to school, getting a job, paying our taxes, watching a few movies, procreating, and then doing it all over again? What's the point of that (fun as it can be at times)?

Do we want to have peace on Earth, and then look to populate the galaxy?

Should we all try to gain some sort of Zen-style enlightenment?

Maybe the answer is evolution? Are we trying to evolve into higher beings?

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance for your answers! :)

  • Nov 22 2011: Our goal as a species is the constant pursuit of advancing and evolving!

    Our goal as individuals is up to you! ;)
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      Nov 22 2011: PERFECT Austin....I totally agree:>)

      Welcome to TED Jason:>)
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    Nov 22 2011: My thought is that there is no point. But that's great because that means you're more or less free to make your own goals in life.
  • Nov 25 2011: Wow... It' looks like We are on the edge of something bigger... :D .
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    Dec 22 2011: To Grow and to help each other in this growth!
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    Nov 25 2011: Hi Jason !

    Maybe this will be of interest to you...dunno !


    All the best!
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    Nov 24 2011: We have not reached the point yet.
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    Nov 24 2011: I feel my ultimate goal was to become a stand up comedian or a comedian in movies or anything which make others laugh. All human have mechanism to enjoy those moments most, which are not lived or felt by them but felt by others whom they love most. (Lets say our kids and love of our lives). The only missing factor today, we are missing that love for others and forgot to enjoy that amazing fulfilment inside our souls. jealousy is taking a toll on human souls. Well all this "going to school, getting a job, paying our taxes, watching a few movies, procreating" is also essential to run a thing called "life". Animal species also do some part of it,its just like they are not like us, they just fulfil their normal requirements, eat, drink, sleep, procreate and be happy. We have added so many things to our life to make it more complex, being human means, being with humans and spending time with them as much as possible. There are very few things we are able to recall except some amazing good time and laughs we have shared with others, and all such moments make memories, which are must as whenever God's call comes to us, we can look back and smile and say, I lived a happy life, Thank god.
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    Nov 23 2011: Assessing from the Lucy to us........ Our purpose is Evolution.
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      Nov 23 2011: Haven't you noticed Juliette, that the adult posture changes over the ages to a more childish one.
      We lost most hair and our teeth becomes week and so on.
      I would call this involution, evolution backwards.
      We can't survive in the wild without all kinds of technology.
      In this we have become apart from nature by relying on tools and in using those tools have become a threat to nature.
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        Nov 24 2011: I personally couldn't agree with you more Frans on the reversal of the process. As a matter of fact I think the first pages of my diary are filled with all the details supporting this very same mathematical observation :-):-) And this is precisely why I decided, at the age of six, to steer clear of adulthood all together and remain a child. :-):-)

        I also agree with you on the presence of involution. Aahhhhhhhh.....what a fascinating word !!

        I understand what you are trying to get across and I think we need to brain storm to come up with a word other than involution that would truly describe that phenomenon.

        Involution, is the most spectacularly beautiful process. And the very thing humanity needs right now-desperately. As I mentioned in another post, this is an individual choice, and until humanity reaches this collective consciousness, “relying on tools and in using (false) tools” there will be an oscillation back and forth, where we remain short of the threshold to make the forward step. Until then we remain the threat that currently we have come to be to nature. But the good news is that we are at TED now ;-):-)

        In terms of human beings, involution is the infolding of the potential inherent in the human spirit to unfold it’s own latent capacity, unwrap and roll onward. So in reality it is not any tools or technology of man that enables his/her construction of the material world, but his/her ability to go inside himself /herself that causes true progress which is evolution. This is the one and only difference between us and other animals.

        I couldn’t help but notice that Colleen endorsed / appreciated the same exact response to the topic at hand, saying “PERFECT Austin....I totally agree:>) “,while I was challenged for my response by you!!

        So I Thank You on this day :-):-) Now I am a hyper evolved hairless child, living in the wild with many tools..knowing that I am special .. with a few teeth here and there ....lol ;-):-)
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          Nov 25 2011: You're a lovely, happy child Juliette and probably always will be.
          As I think back I didn’t want to become like those grownups and I still love the playful wonder of a child. Original, open minded and cheerfulness maybe it’s some hormone that overrides this with being severe and worrisome. Is it inborn, is there a choice to make? I don’t know.

          Your reply gave me a big smile and maybe you find such a word, maybe brilliant?
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    Nov 22 2011: The goal is to cause every atom in our bodies to obey the laws of physics. If that implies pursuing happiness or having sex, or even dying, then so be it.
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    Nov 22 2011: I give your question an "A" for being relevant, provocative and candid. But you get a "C+" for crispness because I see two questions: 1) What is the point of humankind? and 2) What is humankind's ultimate goal? The point of something and the ultimate goal of something are not always the same. For example, the point of martial arts training is to defeat an agressor while the ultimate goal is to never find it necessary to apply those skills. Thank you Jason.
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      Nov 22 2011: .
      Thanks for the input. I really appreciate it, and I hope I get some great responses. This is my first Ted Conversation (that I started at least).

      On a personal note, I dig the spectacles! It's a good look. :)
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        Nov 22 2011: Welcome to TED Conversations, Jason!
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      Nov 22 2011: Suppose mankind has a goal, the question is: who/what gave mankind this goal?

      Assumption 1: mankind itself. I don't think this is valid as mankind is a too chaotic group of living entities.

      Assumption 2: any god? Well, this sounds reasonable. So I would say that if you believe in some god, you can believe that it has given mankind some goal (and too bad, we forgot about it...)
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        Nov 22 2011: Who cares who or what gave it to us? How about living life to the fullest in every moment?

        Make no assumption...have no expectations...
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          Nov 23 2011: I was just reasoning based on Edward's comment.

          I don't think there is a goal for mankind because personally I don't believe in god. I do believe it is good to have a goal as individual. Thus I'm not sure to want to just live the fullest in every moment if you don't care that all those moment added together do not lead to something you have taken as a goal?

          Imagine yourself in the last hour of your life, what if you find out that you have fully lived most moments, but all put together, you just have been like walking round in your life, like a tiger in a cage?
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        Nov 23 2011: Hi Christophe,
        I believe we create our own goals in life,...as you say...we may have a goal as individuals and sometimes, we can expand that idea and share goals with other individuals.

        I believe that all the moments DO add up together and lead to something we may have chosen as our goal. I did not suggest that I don't care about the process of building on each and every moment toward some goal. I really don't care who or what gave us the power to live life to the fullest, and wherever that power comes from I appreciate it:>)

        Personally, I don't believe in a god as an individual entity. I believe God may be a term given to the energy that powers us.

        I think/feel the scenario you describe...getting to the last hour of your life and finding that you have been walking round in your life like a tiger in a cage...can be avioded by living a life that is aware, mindful and meaningful to you and the whole of humankind...what do you think about that?

        There could be a god, or not, and it doesn't change how I live my life.:>)
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          Nov 25 2011: I agree with you.Especially about good things which can happen when goals can be hared.

          If you give meaning and improve something around you, including give this world a few children with a well set mind, or even just yourself, this is not walking round.
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        Dec 1 2011: I agree with you too Christophe,
        We, as individuals, can create a life that is meaningful and has goals...or not. If we are "walking round... like a tiger in a cage", we are not aware enough of our "self" to be able to create a meaningful life or know what our goals are.