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Why cant the united states actually come tiogether dispite differences and get things done? Why not cut big government salaries ?

Why cant the united states actually come tiogether dispite differences and get things done? Why not cut big government salaries ? Tax dollars are used to pay the senators and house members 100,000 hundreds of thousands . I think they can take a pay cut just like everyone else nowadays . The middle class bein handling it . Not to discourage anyone running for office but bloomberg gets paid a dollar a year despite making millions Help our country guys , alot of you are already rich an i think your wise enough to maintain your lifestyle till things get better. It doesnt have to be permanent. Just a suggestion

  • Dec 19 2011: Everyone is to busy with their own lives and pay cuts to interfere with the governments.
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    Nov 30 2011: What happened to Sadaam Hussein and Osama Ben Laden? Is Kuwait free today? Are there free elections in Afghanistan and Iraq? Who walked on the Moon? Who cured polio? Who won the Cold War? Who led the allied effort to prevent world domination by Hitler? Hmmm. The U.S. has always gotten things done. Sometimes the wrong things, and sometimes in ugly ways, but done.
  • Nov 24 2011: Yes i think you are right.
    However, i don't think that doing so will make a big change.
    The fundamental rule is that power = money.
    In some way or another they could very well still be motivated by money.

    Its a great and important first step though.
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    Nov 23 2011: Replacing them is a very wise choice put like you said Mr. slover voters need not get into the hopla and just vote for the presidential races but also our congress and senate . I hope people are paying close attention now and hope everybodys willing to do their fair share . Not just occupy wall street . The S.E.C. needs to be also scurtinized for whats going on instead of let things get out of hand .
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    Nov 22 2011: First things first, our government was designed to be slow and ineffective for a reason (so that the policies we do let through, are good ones). Unfortunately, not all of the blame goes to the system, our elected officials are failing us, and cannot seem to debate anything meaningful in an intelligent, and pragmatic way until good policy can be agreed upon. This is of course due to the fact that their interests are, by and large, not our own. They cater to special interests, lobbyists, and their own personal agendas. Not to attack them too much either (power will always corrupt), but a lot of the blame goes to the voters. They allow these people to be elected, because they don't do their due diligence as far as learning about the candidates, and staying informed on the issues. They let some shouting person on the TV tell them what to think, and who to vote for. All that is a perfect storm for getting nothing meaningful done. The only way out of it, is to vote out the bad one's, and vote in better alternatives. To do this, you have to start with the voters.

    As far as the salary issue goes, I don't think that's out of hand (maybe a little misplaced frustration on your part). Yes, certainly many members of congress are independently wealthy, or do well enough not to need that salary too, and they should do the right thing, and reject it (but they won't). I don't think it would be right to cut their salaries at this point, and I don't really see it affecting our bottom line if we did. The real bandits are the CEO's that get million dollar bonuses and pensions, even after leaving the job. Income inequality is a real thing and needs to be addressed. I'm all for getting rich, and amassing wealth, but do you think a lot of these fat cats really earned those huge salaries for what they contribute to the companies they work for? No. Meanwhile, millions of other Americans are below the poverty line working 3 jobs.

    Why attack the ineffective ones? Replace them