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What are the 5 top things that can improve a school?

What inventions do you know of that could change the life of (many) students?

and also... how do you move an "Idea" to a "question"?


Closing Statement from Jimmy Strobl

My conclusion is this:
"Things" come way down on the list of whats important at school, also TEDsters have a really hard time staying on topic, which might be good but...

It is also important to elaborate your question, take most of the standard answers out of the discussion be mentioning them in the explanation might be a good way.

For more info on whats important about education please have a look at the conversation.

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  • Mar 1 2011: Hi Jimmy,
    I see. Such a broad range of equipment available. Perhaps a focus point would assist in choosing appropriate tools for learning and teaching. Maybe some of the budget could be put towards a going-green aspect, teaching the students the engineering/importance and usage of such things as wind, water turbines as electricity generators, perhaps solar panels as well. Maybe a small allotment to teach about cultivation, with some vegetables that everyone can take a part of producing and consuming?!
    That's just one set of ideas. Obviously a bit biased but I suppose my thinking is towards equipment and resources that are an investment as well as a learning aid. If the turbines were efficient then you may able to generate enough electricity to make an ongoing profit for the school, for example. It would also utilise the technology to teach the teachers new and exciting ways of living ecologically!If I think of anything else I'll let you know

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