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What do you believe is the single most important ideal to achieve peaceful harmony on each of the four levels of human existence?

There are three levels to the natural system of man - plus one other.

The first referred is that of the individual the "I AM" - self and inner peace harmony.

The second is the "I AM IN" - the local networks of the I environment - family, peer, community, tribe, and local territories that the individual inhabits. Living in balance with external demands and influences.

The third is "I AM PART" - which is the intellectual questing and expansion to understand human relationship with ALL and to place (and challenge) boundaries for a universe of which the person is an individual yet sharing member. Understanding the greater relationships and laws of physical existence in collective balance.

The fourth or 'one other' is "I AM ALL" (Other terms include 'whole' "I Am That") which is effectively the invisible or realm of spirit inherently integrated in all things and in human existence in all levels.

This rationalisation of human existence is taught in traditional spiritual practices across many creeds and denominations and is also taught in a form of understanding in psychology and is further understood in scientific rationale of behaviours and societal organization, governance and the exploration of scientific discovery itself. In other words it is a systemic truth that spans human civilisation regardless of factions and disciplines, paradigm splitting and perspectives.

It is held the attainment of truth and realization of these societies results in fulfilment and peace or balance. Realization of 'the 'one other' category while in mortal life results in 'enlightenment'.

People think of experiencing peace and solutions to peace and cross fertilise ideals of peace on each of these levels. What if you describe and apply them at each level? How does it map your reasoning and desire for personal harmony in living? What issues and obstacles do you perceive and encounter with achieving these ideals - at each level you describe?

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    Dec 15 2011: Getting people to understand how powerful their thoughts and intentions are and using them for the greater good.
    Fear is the one thing that keeps hate alive, and also the one thing that the Bible teaches "do not" and there is no need for, ironically many "Christians" are the greater fear mongers. So I suppose however it is that each individual finds peace within we shall have peace without.
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    Nov 24 2011: email me please