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Let's make sure everyone knows what the vote is about

I think everyone should be allowed to vote but I also think voters should be informed. I propose a mandatory short quiz of six to eight questions on the subject being voted on in which the voter must correctly answer 70 to 80 percent before thier vote counts. Questions to be randomly selected from a long list.pertaining to the subject.

  • Nov 26 2011: Voting doesn't work.

    Politicians don't work.
    Politicians don't solve problems, they create them.

    The sooner citizens realize this and get rid
    of politics and government, the better.

    Laws don't work. They don't solve the problems.
    Get rid of the causes. What a concept!

    Citizens are better problem solvers than politicians
    because they are the ones affected by them and having
    to survive in spite of them. Get rid of politics by first
    getting rid of the monetary system.

    Can't imagine that? Need to start doing so until you do.
    These kinds of changes are not for me and by the looks of you Vic,
    not for you either. They are for those who will be alive in 15-30 years.

    I won't be within five.

    The several thousand year experiment has proven itself to not work.
    We/they need a new and completely different system and it must
    be one that includes freedom and human rights, and here, I will
    list what a new system "must not have" for they are seven needs of monetary systems.

    Inequality, poverty, slavery, greed, crime, war and death.
    These are the needs of monetary systems and that is why they have to go.
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    Nov 22 2011: YEAH, iT WAS A DUMB IDEA
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    Nov 22 2011: You get an "A" for innovation Vic. As you will see if you read the link, no democracy has ever implemented voter qualification tests. We (USA) had literacy tests for a while but they didn't last. Historically your idea has never met with approval. It's the old "we've always done it this way" obstacle if you try to revisit the subject. Thanks for sharing.