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How to find a true passion?

Is being an expert on something mean you have a passion on it? What if you get bored after years doing what you thought was your passion?

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    Nov 20 2011: Perhaps Robby, the secret is to be passionate about life itself, about people and learning and that is infinately changeable and able to sustain our interest.
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      Nov 21 2011: Debra, I have seen a couple of your replies here on TED and I must say that you always say something relevant and reasonable, to which I can always subscribe :)

      But now seriously, of course it is not one's profession that make them passionate but it is rather an attitude to life. When your work becomes your passion then I guess there is a risk of burning out. On the contrary, when you are passionate about life in general you will always get inspired by something, and this in turn will help you to keep that zeal in whatever you are doing professionally.

      Still, I know that what I (and perhaps Debra above) have just said is kind of preaching and happend maybe to one person in the world (that person has died recently) but it is generally true. In my case, for example, it is not really the job itself but the way to it, getting up early in the morning, drinking coffee and eating toasts, buying a fresh newspaper on the way, enjoying the empty streets of a city that is slowly waking up. Now this is what I love, I will never get bored by it. And the job? Eh, who cares :)
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        Nov 30 2011: Hi Jedrek! You have provided an example of savouring the good things in life. For you appear to have a heightened awareness of the journey and the small pleasures. While we all have different focus points for making contact with the authenticity of life, it is in those small joys that we create a life.
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    Nov 23 2011: We have a saying that goes like: unknown makes unloved.
    So to know more about anything makes you more interested.
    If you get bored, look at something else and start to investigate.
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    Nov 23 2011: Most of the time we can't force ourself to be passionate about something, it just happens.
    If you want to search for a passion you have to try new things, and remain open minded until you find something that will give you a unique feeling, i dont know how to describe the feeling but you will know. In the process you will learn more of who you really are.
    Being an expert on something doesn't necessary means you have a passion for it. Some people are experts on certain things not because they are passionate about it but because they need to; this is why many people are not happy with their jobs.
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    Nov 21 2011: Many people pursue activities that never were a passion but that fulfilled an external need. A person might pursue a lucrative occupation for the income it brings, income which may finance his real passion- travel, sailing, or whatever else he really loves.

    I think people should prepare themselves to walk a variety of different paths because many people will find they at some point want to try something different. If a young person specializes too soon, he may miss laying the foundation for a trult flexible and engaging life.