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A world without money? Could it ever occur?

Now I'm aware that in the current environment if we were to say "that money is abolished", pure and utter anarchy would probably destroy the world in under a week. It would be unimaginable.
However does that mean that there could never be a slight possibiltity for a human civilisation to function without money?

I know this is idealist thinking but say that we all made a pact: everyone only takes what is necessary for them. No over consumption like fifteen year olds carrying around three different sets of mobile phones or individuals with ten different houses and cars. Say that we were all aware of each other and actually learnt to 'share'.

The next question might be then, what are we supposed to do with our lives if we aren't chasing the dollar? Well I think that is when human potential will actually start to be witnessed. Our main goal in life would be to understand more about the universe, create greater works of art, work in a positive attitude for the good of the community. Who would collect the garbage if they weren't getting paid for it? Well I know if this happened there would be such a sense of community that I would not mind getting a bunch of friends for a day and jump in the garbage truck and collect everyones trash if it was a postive action for the community. People working for people.

The idea is that we are all the same and shouldn't be set into classes because of finances. Without classes and with an enlightened understanding among everyone, humans will really be able to create something extraodinary.

  • Nov 22 2011: This is similar to Marxism. The idea of group cooperation. Everyone chooses how they will contribute. Everyone shares resources. As with any idealist theory, the problem is getting there. As you say, we certainly can't just eliminate money immediately. And I don't think you ever could, or would want to.

    The thing is that the creation of currencies - gold, tokens, paper money, rice - is what facilitates trade between people. It's an intermediary, which allows us far more flexibility than simple bartering. If you look at primitive societies that operated without currencies, they were able to do little more than sustain basic living standards. Trade is what advanced human innovation. It is why every successive generation will have it better off than the last as far as living standards.

    That said, the idea of a collaborative culture within our current society holds many possibilities to also further the human race. Open source projects, wikis, mass collaboration. I strongly believe that these types of projects will be the next frontier in human evolution, and the internet will be the medium. It allows thousands of people to contribute their knowledge and skills - giving as little or as much time as they wish - to further innovation. Think about how much more knowledge and information is now accessible for free to anyone. Wikipedia, sites like TED, MITOpenCourse (full courses and materials for free). And the possibilities these new platforms promise in fields of science and technology, medicine, health care and so on...

    So what about a world without money that exists within a world with money?
  • Nov 26 2011: I have a way to do this.

    A project actually, that would demonstrate, in the carrying out of this goal,
    how to merge into such a system. It would involve most of the world businesses and countries.
    Now, I could post it again, and let others tear it apart, or, others could try and think of ways to actually
    implement it instead. That might change my idea considerably but the goal isn't to maintain it as
    "MY IDEA" but to begin the process. And as always, I must say, this isn't for me. I will die soon.
    It is for those who will have to face the consequences if it isn't done. People like me, people like
    you and people like other people.
    One reason I feel it is a good project is because we, the world, are fast approaching
    (if we are not there already), all having the exact same problem/S and needing it/them
    solved NOW! And we don't need authority figures or agencies of 'authority' having the say so
    on what gets done and what doesn't get done.
    Two thoughts to begin passing around and believing in, are these:
    1. Things don't "get done" because of money. Things "don't get done", because of money.
    2. Nothing actually costs money. The cost is always people, time, energy, ideas, willingness, study,
    experience, desire, need, knowledge, supplies, leadership, organization, skills, and so on.
    The way things are now, the costs are still the same but only a few benefit and inequality, poverty,
    slavery, greed, crime, war and death grow because they're needs are being met.
    I will repost it if anyone asks. It has to be in two parts because of the number of characters.
    It involves something all life needs and the loss of it, threatens all of mankind, at once. Our "EXPERTS"
    say it cannot be done because of the immensity of it and of course, the F_CKING cost!
    Oh, who is going to pay for it? How much will it cost? Is there a profit in doing it?
    It will cost the world to be involved in solving it. The profit is our survival, something those in
    power never really care about.
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    Nov 20 2011: why don't we skip that "i have an idea" cover, and link directly to the venus project website?
  • Nov 20 2011: I totally agree, I had put this idea in my profile already. I am so happy somebody is thinking of the same solution. The one thing on earth we don 't really need is money. I also stated that true civilization only comes from a caring and generous state of mind/heart. Greed, laziness and false pride come from an selfish state of mind, an underdeveloped one, are to be considered as a mental disorders, more specifically as addictions. It ' s all about giving in to instant gratification, short term and narrow vision, creating bad habits. We should not let the world be dictated by such 'thinking', which only comes down to rationalising uncontroled impulses afterwards or simply false excuses that are builded up to false theories.It 's degrading/indignifying for any human being, one can speak of involution instead of evolution. Abolish money wouldn 't of course automatically abolish greed etc., but at least the rest of us wouldn 't be obliged anymore to play along by those set of jungle rules, the majority of normal people would be able to experience the natural better way to go for humans. Our own brains don 't reward selfishness, only altruism or real social and honourable behaviour produces normal amounts of dopamine/happy hormon in the brain. True selfworth and selfdevelopment cannot come but from being generous instead of petty which the laws of enoconomics force us to. It s only natural but only wise to care, it s not natural having to be competitive, so having to consider everybody else as a possible ennemy. It turns the world into a dangerous place whereas caring creates safety, peace, true happiness and joy, is the only healthy thing to do! Shared joy is multiplied joy, shared grieve or burden is only half as painful. Big difference to try and make eachother happy out of empathy and understanding... that is the only way to selfrespect and selflove, not by spoiling yourself, but by recognizing the valuable human in somebody else... you first have to be it yourself!