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What would you tell children about pursuing their Dreams and Changing the World?

Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask you all what you would tell young people, whether your own children or people you've never met - about pursuing their dreams and trying to change the world?

With permission from each of you, I would like to ask to quote some of the answers that are provided in a video I'm creating for a project of mine that is all about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and aiming to better enable them to do what they truly want in life. I'd love to credit each of you by name, but if you'd rather I don't, just let me know.

These quotations will be put alongside some beautiful works of art about dreams to create a kind of 'Dream Wall' that is filmed as part of the video.

I'm looking for any honest feelings you have. And am really excited to see what this great community thinks about something so wonderful and, I think, central to this period of great opportunity.

Thank you so much.


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    Dec 19 2011: Alright everyone!

    This conversation has reached the maximum duration I'm allowed to keep it open. So unless I create a Part 2, I think I'll just have to let it close here :(

    I've received so many great responses, and gotten to exchange thoughts and feelings with generous, thoughtful people who clearly don't accept that the way things are, is the only way things can be.

    I'm so glad I started this conversation, even more because of all the wonderful and positive beliefs and perspectives I got to hear from people, than for the statements that I was seeking.

    I'll let all of you know via your TED profiles when we launch our video announcing Utopian, and hopefully most of you will find your statements in our video :)

    I'm really happy that our first message about the power of people, was the result of people who came forward of their own accord to share their beliefs and their hopes for positive change.

    Thank you all dearly.

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