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What would you tell children about pursuing their Dreams and Changing the World?

Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask you all what you would tell young people, whether your own children or people you've never met - about pursuing their dreams and trying to change the world?

With permission from each of you, I would like to ask to quote some of the answers that are provided in a video I'm creating for a project of mine that is all about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and aiming to better enable them to do what they truly want in life. I'd love to credit each of you by name, but if you'd rather I don't, just let me know.

These quotations will be put alongside some beautiful works of art about dreams to create a kind of 'Dream Wall' that is filmed as part of the video.

I'm looking for any honest feelings you have. And am really excited to see what this great community thinks about something so wonderful and, I think, central to this period of great opportunity.

Thank you so much.


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    Dec 17 2011: I find this to be a topic of deep importance, especially for me. I am currently working to receive a bachelors degree in dance and musical theater. Both of my parents support my dreams for a career in the arts, as they had careers in the arts as well. I realize that to be in a dance company or a musical is a hard life to live. Auditioning to get the job, then barely making enough to survive when you do get the job. But I have found that I would rather be happy doing something I love everyday, waking up and realizing I get to spend my time doing something that I couldn't survive without than going to work just to make money. As Sir Ken Robinson said it is who they are, I find my what I do is who I am. I will always follow my dreams even though I know it will be hard. I would tell a child that you should do what makes you happy because in this day and age so many people forget that it is about the journey not the destination. It is said that happiness is a journey not a place. You have to find what makes you happy and do it. Spend life waking up happy to go to work rather than dreading the day. Why waste time? Live in the now and for yourself.
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      Dec 17 2011: Thats wonderful Erin! I support your completely, especially as a person who loves performing on stage myself. I'm actually trying to organize something primairly theatrical in nature as part of Utopian (the company that I'm starting (which this video relates to)). The project is called U-Art, I've got some pretty radical plans about how to track the whole production process online and open-source the brand at the end of it to let other performance groups band together around the idea, and make it something that anyone could organize their own version of (Just like TEDx). I'm having my first meeting with a bunch of students who'll be taking part in a couple of hours actually! I'd love to keep you informed about it if you like, since we're trying to create an avenue for artists and performers to find each other and collaborate with each other around doing what they love. :)
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        Dec 19 2011: That sounds amazing. I would love to keep informed on your projects. I've always wanted to do something radical for art and the artistic community. Your ideas sound wonderful. It would be great if the artistic community/world had a way to come together and share ideas, much like TED. Some of the most eye opening ideas are expressed on TED and if art had something similar as an outlet it could far surpass expectations and preconceived notions that people have on art. Please do keep me informed, I would greatly appreciate it.
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          Dec 19 2011: Thanks Erin! Since this thread is going to close soon [Reached the maximum 1 month I can leave it open], I'll send you a message directly when we've launched our video and I'll be sure to tell you more about U-Art in the future too :) I totally believe that the world of creative expression needs to embrace the power of technology to 'benefit people' as much as every other industry. I think there are so many performers, actors, musicians and artists (As well as everyone else really) who could have so many more opportunities to turn their combined skills into something greater than the sum of the parts involved. I know how I think that could start, and I hope we do get there. Its always great to hear other people who feel the same way. I'll be sure to keep you updated!

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