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What would you tell children about pursuing their Dreams and Changing the World?

Hi everyone,
I'd like to ask you all what you would tell young people, whether your own children or people you've never met - about pursuing their dreams and trying to change the world?

With permission from each of you, I would like to ask to quote some of the answers that are provided in a video I'm creating for a project of mine that is all about encouraging people to pursue their dreams and aiming to better enable them to do what they truly want in life. I'd love to credit each of you by name, but if you'd rather I don't, just let me know.

These quotations will be put alongside some beautiful works of art about dreams to create a kind of 'Dream Wall' that is filmed as part of the video.

I'm looking for any honest feelings you have. And am really excited to see what this great community thinks about something so wonderful and, I think, central to this period of great opportunity.

Thank you so much.


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  • Nov 23 2011: Dear Mohammed and everyone,

    We've stumbled upon a very important question. What's important never to forget when asking this question, is the awnser has to be a part of text pointing or "directing" if you will, to the definition of "the thing of wich we speak" and or how this phenomenon exists and reacts (I call it Live) in reality.

    Question then will be; What did you yourself learn in this life that improved the quality of it and, if so - Does everyone (all are able?) have to simply learn this one single skill or trick in order to be happier?

    After you've decided how this particular truth (In this case: Influence of a particular method leading to happiness.) in reality works, call it the clockwerk, you can then start looking at what this thing is, or how it feels. Accumulated, everything that's ever improved your life. Compared to the time before it happened. If positive, you can then go to that specific positive feeling - getting there, close look now - wich, derived down to almost nothing, simply becomes the appretiation or personal judgement of all the accumilated warmth and comfort you gained from learning this trick.
    And not only that, it's the one we voted best in the interest of a child's beneficial possibillities.

    By now we can assume that the best tricks are easily applied over daily life meaning you're looking to convert the least effort in as much happiness you can bear.
    Don't forget, we're still talking on our daily life's feeling upgrades.

    I should stop here. Sharing my "trick" would destroy my post failing to steer the discussion up risking it to fall into personal discussion. The whole discussion then becomes mildly intelligent but completely off the real subject. Someone who did not think of anything before the subject appeared will fail to learn how to think about the subject and would be deemed into a false start.

    Ty 4 reading. Since this is just a "brain fart", I'm interested most in what any of u guys think of my freewriting.
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      Nov 24 2011: Thanks for your contribution Sjors. I understand what you're moving towards. But for this project, I'm just looking for people's individual statements that they would tell young people :) Thanks for the thoughts though.

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